The Underlying Principles of Code of Conduct & Ethics

The magnitude of code of conduct & ethics in the life of employees and companies are realized forcibly if the corporate world will only cast their eyes around them. The office atmosphere, in which the employees and companies live, show that the directions and objectives toward which the industries in the world over are determined not through blind chance or inexorable laws but through powers of human leadership. Code of conduct is also destined to elucidate a company’s mission and vision, tenets and merits, relating them with the principles of professional conduct. The code of conduct is also designed to serve as a reference in order for the members of the organization to trace services, pertinent information and files, and other sources correlated to ethics within the company.

Man is not a cog in the economic machine or a mere product of animal biology. Man is a living, thinking, ethical, and moral being. Hence, the character of a man depends upon the moral principles, which were already instilled into him, for character is life dominated by principles. As a man is, so he will act.

All of these things are not necessarily explained into details by the company, from which an individual will intend to work. This is because the corporate world understands that the ethical attributes of a person are already embedded within his or her character and personality. It is already expected of him or her that he or she should know the standards on how to be morally upright.

However, with the desire of the company to put everything in order, they tried to constitute certain code of conduct patterned to the ethical standards of the community. It is intended to be the primary manual and indication for employees and employers that hold up to the rendering of daily judgments.

The code of conduct & ethics teaches the employees of certain organizations in the height of success, ever to be sober, and in the depth of adversity, never to despair.

Moreover, it has been once noted that the strength of any institution can only be built on character. It is the members, such as the employees in the corporate world, that make up a company and, therefore, it cannot be stronger than its component parts. The employee’s weaknesses are the company’s failings. Their strength, its power.

Without code of conduct & ethics, employees will continue to grope, with no ultimate purpose, just drifting, with no fixed sight or dependable compass to guide and direct the members amidst the dim twilight.

Without code of conduct & ethics, employees will sink into the morass of self-indulgence and materialism. The reign of the law has unholy lust for gold and the reign of the greed have been openly pursued and callously abetted.

Therefore, there can be no social justice, no love, no charity, no union, no blessings of autonomy and fairness within the corporate world without renewed acceptance and practice of the code of conduct & ethics by employees and employers.

Indeed, code of conduct & ethics dictates the responsibility of every member of the labor force to courageously and skillfully to the challenge of the industry to provide the people with the right dispositions in life. These are all nourished in the light of the undying principles of the code of conduct & ethics.

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