Morality Within the Context of Code of Conduct and Ethics

The importance of ethics is an indispensable knowledge. Without moral perception, man cannot work in harmony with one another. Without morality, man as rational being is a failure. Since morality is the foundation of every human society, it can be deduced that code of conduct and ethics should go hand in hand in order to promote civic morality. Without civic morality, corporations perish, as within the context of corporate standards; without personal morality, the business’ survival has no value. This goes to show that when the moral foundations of a nation are threatened, the corporation itself is threatened. Code of conduct is a set policy that aims to preserve a just and positive behavior among individuals.

Professional Ethics and Codes of Conduct
The practice of a profession cannot be regulated entirely by legislation. Each profession therefore subscribes to a set of moral code. This Code of Ethics as well as Code of Conduct implies that, before anything else, a professional is a person who has the obligation to listen to the “dictates of reason.” The need for it is obviously to the advantage of the profession.

Many executives, for example, do realize that honest business translates to good business. The public patronizes firms that are perceived to be reputable, thus increasing sales and boosting income.

For this reason, the Code of Conduct and Ethics for corporations and businesses provides the following premises:

Towards the customers and their clients, businesses and their employees shall, in the production of goods and services:

1. Strive after a quality that will enable them to serve their purpose efficiently and effectively;

2. Avoid anything that would be detrimental to the health, safety, or growth of the proper user or beneficiary of such goods and services;

3. Seek to apply or make use of the discoveries and inventions of science with adaptations that will improve their products or services, thereby benefiting customers or users and increasing their number.

In its marketing arrangement, business shall:
1. Deliver the product or service in the quality, quantity, and time agreed upon, and at a reasonable price, and avoid the creation of artificial shortages, price manipulation, and like practices;

2. Establish an after-sales and complaints service commensurate to the kind of product or service supplied and the prices paid;

3. Ensure that all mass media, promotional, and package communications be informative and true, and take into account the precepts of morality and the sound cultural values of the community, and manifest respect for human dignity.

Given all these facts and premises, it can be further deduced that as code of conduct and ethics are both observed and implemented within a corporation, it can be expected that the business will surely grow and succeed.

No system of power can replace morality, which is necessary in any human society than what code of conduct and ethics can do.

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