Authoring a Corporation Code of Conduct

A code of conduct of a corporation, or any organization for that matter, defines the platform of the acceptable set of behavior within the group. Its main objective is to further promote a higher standard of practice within the organization.

Writing a code of conduct for a corporation may be a difficult task in the beginning. The guidelines should be as impartial as it can go. It should never be pro-company or pro-employee alone. A definite balance between the two should be observed. In writing a code of conduct, the goal is to promote humanity and harmony between individuals in spite of the difference in race, background, and beliefs.

In writing an ethical code, come up with just one main directing principle. For instance take the golden rule: “Do unto others what you would like others to do unto you.” This is a simple, say-it-all adage to guide each and every one of us to the right path. Following that key rule, several other principles can be drawn out. Honesty, fairness, and respect can all be collaborated within that certain code of conduct hence composing an exemplary policy.

Now that is just a general example. A more specific maxim or even a self-authored one can be used, depending upon the exclusive needs of the corporation. Remember, the code of conduct should reflect the aspirations of the entire company. It should be tailored to fit the exact needs, values, and conviction of the firm.

In creating a code of ethics, make sure that every rule is as specific as possible. Its purpose will be defied if the rules are too general that different conclusions can be generated from it. If the clause is all about confidentiality, particularly say that: No employee can divulge any company trade secrets or policies. Then particularly specify the consequence of such an action. This way, the idea is well conveyed and is definite.

Adding a preamble or an introduction to a corporation code of conduct is a good idea. The company can incorporate its vision-mission in that part. Since this instrument is required to be read by all employees, it’s a good vehicle to further inculcate in them the company aspirations. Consequently, this is the place where you can state the previously mentioned guiding principle that was decided upon in which the whole code of ethics aspires to.

Always remember that a code of ethics won’t solve the company ethical issues. These are merely regulations. Good regulations comprise a good government. And a government is composed of people. It goes with an organization. It’s all goes boils to it people.

Authoring a corporation code of conduct would be a breeze following the guidelines provided in this piece. Following the points undertaken, a clear-cut employee code of ethics can be achieved. Employees are the main foundation of a corporation. And it is a fact that talented employees are hard to find. Once a pool of worthy employees is acquired, synchronization between them should be attained. A well-written code of conduct will preserve each person’s individuality while creating harmony within the organization.

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