The Refinement of Emotions Through Office Conduct

Office conduct is generally created to help the company as well as the employees face the problems within the work environment. It seeks to deal with conflicts between employees and their employer. The main goal of the office conduct is to minimize the emotive element and to substitute it with a rational pragmatism. This goes to show that through the guidance of an office conduct, the manager of a company can simply hear out or consider the point of view of the other employee even if he believes that the other one is correct. Through the office conduct, individuals can establish a compromise, in which, the common good is greatly observed and adhered to.

Ethics deals with emotions as factors affecting human motivation and behavior. Instead of representing them, it calls for their refinement. This means that man is expected to act not only with his mind and body, but also precisely with his heart and soul. Man does not act a way a robot does — without feeling or emotions. Man does evoke certain sentiments, and his decision or intention to perform is swayed by his emotions.

It is in this context that every company seeks to hire people who are able to express their emotions in a refined way. This means that they would rather hire people who can offer them with great service in conformity to their unsullied work ethics.

Defusing Negative Emotions
Guilt, anxiety, and anger are common negative emotions that must be managed carefully. The employer should show his employees that guilt feelings would not repair whatever untoward action he has done. Anxiety will not prevent a future event that causes fear. Anger is not an appropriate or helpful response to any situation. A company must represent a more reasonable point of view to suppress negative emotions through the implementation of office conduct.

Facing Problems Given all that, office conduct clearly defines what kind of behavior is acceptable in the office set-up. For instance, the kind of respect that you give to your employer and to your office mates should not be neglected when corporate affairs or events take place.

Corporate evening social functions may have a social context but bear in mind that these are still business events. Hence, you should always behave properly according to those things stipulated in the office conduct. If not, simply going a little overboard in occasions like these could actually ruin your career.

All of these things boiled down to the fact that conflicts, problems, and dilemmas are unavoidable when people interact at work. If faced with these kinds of things, adopting a positive and rational approach is the only best way to avoid or at least lessen any heightened emotions. Guidelines should be clearly stated and defined in a statement of office conduct.

Keep in mind that the aim of creating an office conduct is not to turn the employees into an efficient machine to do things. Rather, it hopes to transform an employee by encouraging him to have a stable emotional disposition. This would not only help him to be efficient in handling office matters but would be beneficial in his emotional being as a whole.

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