Benefits of enforcing code of ethics training in an organization

Code of ethics training, is one of the most important ways of implementing the ethics guidelines in an organization. It will not be surprising to know that most good companies as well as organizations lay down a lot of emphasis on the training employees on its ethical practices.

Special departments are set in order to carry out this training and everyone in the company, irrespective of their grade has to undergo the ethics training. The code of ethics training says that the compliance to this training must be 100% at a regular interval.

Most of the times it is carried out once in a year and every manager keeps a track of its employee undergoing it, the human resource department in turn keeps a track of every department complying to the ethics training. Ways of undergoing the Ethical training:

  • Manually on paper: The ethics training can either be done on hard papers if the company is small with the employee signing it off manually to keep a record.
  • On-line tool: In case the company is big and spread across continents then an online tool can come very handy with the employees electronically signing it off.

Listed below are some advantages of undergoing the ethics training:

A very strong possibility is that the country law might just hold either the company or its employees responsible for any activity that is not listed on the company’s code of ethics training: In situations where the employees are well trained on the ethics training such chances will reduce. As a practice every company must do the following:

  • Train all employees on the code of ethics.
  • Ensure 100 % compliance to the process
  • Penalize employees for not attending the training
  • Identify ways of investigating why was the training not taken by employees (if they miss it)
  • Last, but the most important part is to handle employee complaints with seriousness.
  • This can be done well if the company has an employee grievance cell where such reporting is encouraged.

Any company can benefit in different ways if they enforce the code of ethics training amongst its employees. The training on ethics will reduce various kinds of legal implications and liabilities:

  • The employees will get a clear and a loud message and such ethical violations will reduce drastically.
  • The same behavior will not be repeated again
  • It will encourage the reporting of the violation
  • It will automatically instill positive ethics and values on the employees whether they agree to it or not.

The company needs to instill the fact in every employee that they recruit in their company is the real image of the company. Everything they do or say directly has an impact on the company. The main aim of the code of ethics training is to build a culture of commitment and this can be done very well if the employees have their equal say when the code it created for the company.

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