Basics of Company code of conduct

Before establishing oneself in the business environment, every company has to do some ground work pertaining to creating a code of conduct. The company code of conduct will state various acts and decision that the company during its existence can take or leave.

The business code of conduct specifies all do’s and don’ts from ethical as well as legal perspective.

The basis preparation in creating a company code of conduct is:

  • Create a detailed documentation: This documentation as stated above will cover all norms, values, statements, principles on which the company lays down its foundation.
  • Brainstorming session: creating a company code of conduct is not a one day’s job; it is spread over multiple days of deep thinking from all ethical and legal perspectives. Hence the group that arrives on its conclusion.
  • The key members to decide the company code of ethics should be key members from the management like the CEO, board of directors, company’s legal attorney, influential members from the country’s political system (if possible) and a cohesive blend of the employees.

Company code of conduct must always be endorsed by the company’s chairperson as well as board of members.

Key code of conduct values and principles:

  • The company must find out a brand ambassador who can promote these codes of conduct at every stage.
  • When the code of conduct is finalized it must be applied to every interaction that takes place with the company’s work jurisdiction.
  • The code of company conduct must state common and specific examples supporting case studies that every employee can correlate to from both legal as well as ethical perspectives
  • The code must also contain descriptions of laws and legal liabilities against each description.
  • It must also state what relations the company prefers to maintain with all outside agencies.
  • A detailed note on what is expected out of the employees after they go through the business code of conduct
  • Specific code of conduct for specific groups of employees.

A company code of conduct will always help the organization not only in profitable days but also when it is not reaping profits. For example: When the organization has to just refuse a client or a customer. The company can maintain its relationships with the other party by simply refusing them on grounds of the company code of conduct that they have prepared for themselves.

The code of conduct is also considered valuable as it will directly or indirectly affect the brand image that the company wants to create itself in front of its employees, suppliers, and external agencies, political and legal system and not to forget its customers.

Though every company today creates a code of conduct for itself, only a few companies are able to implement it in the real sense. The main reason is, that such companies;

  • Create logical code of conduct can be followed by all.
  • Has equal agreement from all its employees. In case employee’s don’t agree to it, their issues can be addressed and the code of conduct can be re-reviewed.
  • Conversion in to practical world or reality.
  • Constantly promoted by the companies brand ambassador.
  • Continuous training, so that everyone remembers it.
  • Reward as well as recognition for the employees who follow these best practices
  • Penalty clause or the ones who violate it.

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