Creating & Introducing corporate compliance training in an corporate

Corporate compliance training in the twentieth second century has become a basic necessity for every corporate. Ethical values always prove to be good for any kind of business. Corporate with strong ethical guidelines usually perform better that others. At the same time consequences related to both legal and unethical behavior in forms of fines, loss of business can be really huge and damaging for the corporate.

Corporate must ensure that a everyone adheres to the ethical guidelines it has created for itself as well as its employees, it is imperative that the corporate(employees) undergoes compliance training not just once in a life time but on a regular basis. So it is like a continuous process of improvement, enforcement and encouragement of the ethics.

Every employee who reads the corporate code of ethics will have a different understanding to it and most of time they understand it to suit their own needs. A corporate compliance training must be carried out keeping in mind that :

  • It gives a consist definition of ethics to all the employees.
  • It leads to clarity to all kinds of queries.
  • It stresses the importance of the corporate ethics and 100% compliance to it.

Corporate compliance to ethics must be carried out at different levels and should be audited by an external agency to see if everyone in the corporate complies with it.

  • It must be pasted on the important notice boards.
  • It must be in writing to all regular as well as contractual employees.
  • It must be talked about in detail during new joiner induction to set correct tone.
  • It must be a part of the orientation booklet give to the new employees or company magazine.
  • It can also be engrained as a screen save on every ones computer
  • A part of the companies calendar and diary, kept in the reception and boardrooms and cafeteria.

Most companies follow a common procedure, that once the training is given to the employees they have to acknowledge it either in writing or as an electronic signature where they agree to follow the corporate ethical policy and give an affirmation to comply with it.

Once the compliance training is over, the external auditors must run an audit for the organization where employees depicting ethical behavior must be rewarded and if there are any gaps that are identified; measure should be taken to bridge it.

In order to make the best out of a corporate code of ethics, it should be clearly defined, must be comprehensive and should state all unethical issues as precisely as it can.

A corporate must get into a practice of distributing, corporate code of conduct and ethics to all its employees. The process of carrying out this compliance process must be open so that everyone understands the meaning of it and comprehends in the language that the corporate wants them to comprehend.

Corporate values must be shared with employees at a regular basis in both formal as well as informal fashion. If there is an amendment in the value statement or policy it needs to trickle down from top to bottom seamless manner.

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