Employee’s role in maintaining confidentiality as per the Employee code of conduct

A company doesn’t go to the media every day to boast of its image inform of the public, society and competitors. The brand ambassador of the company is its employees. What they do, what they say forms the right image of the company.

Therefore it is very important for any company to take the most valuable resource in confidence so that it speaks a language in public that only enhances the company’s image and does not tarnish it.

Employees must be well trained on the concept and details of the employee code of conduct. Every company has a certain set of information that is confidential to it. It is this data or information that gives an edge to the company over its competitors.

Hence, it is the responsibility of the company to ensure that such information should not leak out from the hands of the employees at least as long as they work for the company. The protection to data must be for some top trading secrets, research and development, usage of specific software and hardware and the most important would be the technical knowledge and how to use it.

Broadly the employee code of conduct would state how an employee is expected to behave in situations where the company’s image is directly involved:

Employees must be trained on the following basic parameters:

  1. It is expected out of an employee to be fair, respectful to its coworkers.
  2. Maintain confidentiality for any sort of data or information that belongs to the company.
  3. The employee’s adherence to various company policies & procedures.
  4. Make ethical decision always in the interest of the company.
  5. Maintain punctuality and discipline
  6. Give its best foot forward to the organization
  7. Help co-workers and fellow mates.
  8. Maintain peace and harmony, work as a good team mate.
  9. Demonstrate technical skills, proficiency in work.
  10. Keep Organization over self.
  11. Must lead from the front.

The employee must ensure that the company’s confidential data is safeguard against all sorts of threats.

Listed below are a few real time examples that the employees can consider keeping confidentiality as an important criteria:

  • All confidential documents must be kept under lock and key. Like employees details, salary structure.
  • Limited or no access to specific areas of the company like the board room or finance departments, or the server room.
  • No provision of sharing passwords and files.

The company must ensure that every employee signs a confidentiality agreement, which states that the misuse or disclosure of the company’s information can have legal implication on the employee.

The disclosure agreement must state that the employee as per the confidentiality code of conduct will not tamper with the information and the sole proprietary on this information is the company itself.

As per the employee code of conduct, it is important that the employees understand the real meaning of data protection, agree to the fact that they will not use it, except for business purposes. It is also important that if there is a part of the statement that the employee does not understands, the company must take actions to ensure that the real meaning goes across in the right manner. The employee code of conduct should also explicitly say that the employee can be fired if caught mishandling the data against the company.


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