Golden rules to Professional code of conduct

The workplace is a home away from home where individuals build, nurture and sometimes even end relationships. It is not surprising to know that most important deals that are to remain within confide doors are laughed upon over a cup of coffee in the cafeteria by juniors because of the strong grapevine that floats in companies.

Most of the times the employees become so comfortable with what is happening around them that they become lazy and start detesting change. A workplace must be a place that talks about professionalism in all fronts. It must be a place where every employee feels safe, respected, and responsible for his acts and feel secure. (i) One idea for maintaining a professional demeanor is to go ahead and wear professional clothes. Such clothes can be purchased from Myntra. And if you do go in for that, make sure to get some Myntra coupons from Cuponation first.

An organization is made of different kinds of people with different nature. At times what one would like the other would not. A topic might not be offending for one but might be the biggest embarrassing factor for the other. Since it is always difficult to identify and draw a line, its best to avoid certain topics altogether.

The golden rules of professional code of conduct must be designed to help employees avoid behavior that might be looked down upon by the others. Rules of professional code of conduct:


  • Respect for all: The minimum professional behavior expected from employees is to respect all who work n the company, irrespective of the level they are in.
  • Respect difference of opinion: Since no two employees are the same. Hence, they must keep their egos out of the office premise and respect the other one’s point of view.
  • Comply to policies and procedures: The best example to share would be the in and out log time. To depict professional behavior employees must depend full eight to nine hours in the office. Only take scheduled breaks
  • Contribute qualitative on productivity.
  • Behave within the legal boundaries of the professional code of conduct.
  • Avoid all topics related to religion, especially when he has a team of heterogeneous mix.
  • Must not voice his opinion in public about what he does not like about the organization. The best way would be to go the grievance department and settle it theirs.
  • Avoid all assorts of sexual harassment conducts like
    1. Commenting and looking at someone or his/her specific body parts.
    2. Commenting about sexual activity
    3. Getting gender different in the organization and spoiling the atmosphere
    4. Narrating adult and sexual jokes
    5. Be helpful to co-workers
    6. Must come well dressed to the office & must comply to all kinds of etiquette
    7. Must not over commit to the cuter and under deliver both in terms of quality and against time.
    8. Must stay away from Eve and Adam teasing and overhearing of conversations
    9. Must not share passwords and comply to other security norms
    10. Must never sell company information to outsiders.
    11. No fraudulent related to past experience, past salary package and generation of fake bills

Every employee must be trained on corrective and preventive actions that can have an alarming effect not only on him but also on the organization he/she works for.

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