Understanding The Different Types Of Degree Levels

There are so many degree programs that are available at the moment that want to continue education after high school is over. Courses are offered by community colleges and universities with various levels, ranging from doctoral to associate degrees. You can take a look at many examples at With My Degree but do you know the degree levels? This is important information you should be aware of.

We basically have 4 types of degree levels you should be aware of. These are described below.

Associate Degrees

These programs are available for various careers. We are talking about a 2 years program that offers enough training for entry level positions. Various field examples that can be mentioned include graphic design and nursing. They are offered by community colleges or technical schools.

The graduates will be offered the necessary qualification to basically enter a workforce. The really popular associate degrees that are available at the moment are:

  • AAS – Associate of Applied Science
  • AS – Associate of Science
  • AA – Associate of Arts

Bachelor Degrees

The bachelor’s is basically an undergraduate program. It takes 4 years to finish and will usually require the student to choose one major study area like history, biology or finance. The graduates will be qualified to be considered for management or entry level positions, based on domain of activity. The degree is also usually a necessity to be enrolled into graduate level programs. The most popular of the Bachelor’s degree at the moment are:

  • BFA – Bachelor Of Fine Arts
  • BS – Bachelor Of Science
  • BA – Bachelor of Arts

Master Degrees

These are graduate level programs that will let the student to specialize even more in one study area. In most cases there are around 2 years to complete and there is a need to usually have a minimum GPA in order to be accepted, together with a graduate entrance exam with a suitable acceptance score. The master’s degrees will need a capstone or thesis project in order to graduate. When you obtain the master’s degree, you can get work in executive or advanced level positions. The different programs that are available at this degree level include:

Doctoral Degrees

This level is the most advanced of all those that are available. In order to be admitted, you will need to hold a Master’s. It takes a variable number of years to compete the degree education and a major research project, together with a dissertation will be necessary. A PhD holder will be qualified enough to work in the highest business levels, together with being able to be professors. The common doctoral degree types include:

  • DDS – Doctoral Of Dental Surgery
  • MD – Doctor Of Medicine
  • JD – Juris Doctor
  • D – Doctor Of Philosophy